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Downtown Editor, Marketing & Sales

Unique and fun job opportunity for Downtown lovers. You will be assigned a “Downtown Guide” and manage/edit content, perform marketing using Twitter and Facebook and sell advertising.

You will have an excellent opportunity to gain real world experience, make money and participate in the excitement of downtown.

Great Opportunity for communications, journalism and marketing majors/graduates or people who love the downtown lifestyle. 

About Us
Downtown Search Media LLC is launching “Downtown Guides” throughout the USA and Internationally. Every week we publish a new edition which includes 100’s of articles, posts, photos, and videos. 

Sample Websites at

Job Description
You will be assigned a “Downtown Guide” to manage. Basically, the job entails three parts.

  1. Manage Content Feeds/Content – Manage and update content for relevancy and interest. Make sure events and featured items for the upcoming week are covered. Website is published once a week on Wednesdays.
  1. Facebook and Twitter marketing – You will post to Facebook and Twitter for your assigned downtown guide. Write about any subjects such as; restaurants, bars, events, art galleries, theater, shows, business, music, etc. Generally two to four downtown posts per day is sufficient. Join groups, discussions etc.
  1. Sell Partners/Advertisers — Recruit, sell and manage 10 partner/advertisers per downtown guide. Simply send emails to downtown businesses with link to media kit. Media kit pretty much sells itself. See sample media kits

Compensation – you will receive 35% of the advertising income.
Activities should take around 5 hours per week per website with multiple websites available.

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